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Married for 26 years and partners in business for 21, Osvaldo and Patricia Sarmiento’s solid small business foundation is directly tied to their family values, sharing the responsibility, trust and integrity they have as a family with you.


Ozzie began his career in antique restoration 31 years ago, as his native home of Cuba had limitations on building new furniture. With the restrictions, restoration was in high demand, providing a perfect apprenticeship and training period for Ozzie. At the age of 19, he began to experiment, teaching himself design techniques from around the world through magazine tutorials and making his own materials and colors from scratch.


Seeking to increase his knowledge and perfect his craft, Ozzie moved to the United States in 1993, finding his way to Agoura Hills in 1995. He worked at a well established Thousand Oaks design firm until he opened his own store in Westlake Village in 2005.


“I like working with custom furniture because every piece is unique and new. I get to make multiple styles,” Ozzie says. “When our clients have something in mind, we please them.”


Patricia’s professional aspirations began in television, producing TV shows in her native Peru from 1979 to 1986. After a drastic El Nino year that caused her family’s fishing business to suffer, Patricia moved to the United States to seek her fortune. Little did she know that with her fortune would come love and a career change.


Through her years in television production, Patricia developed a keen eye for detail, continuity and most importantly, set dressing. Her skills perfectly transitioned her into a career in design, her specialty being window treatments.


“Fabrics talk to me,” says Patricia. “I can tell exactly what colors, what textures and what styles can go in your home.”


Ozzie and Patricia continuously educate themselves on the latest styles and designs, ensuring that their clients have access to the most modern and demanded techniques at their command. When the couple is not making design dreams come true, they enjoy spending time with family and friends and their cats Minina and Yoyo.

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