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The legacy of an ancient art, CONRAD Original Sunshades are today modern classics, specified by designers and architects around the world. Our quality and recognizable design have set the industry standard since 1956, when we created our very first products of sustainable natural fibers. We proudly continue the legacy that has defined CONRAD for sixty years.

Looking to the natural world for inspiration, we draw from landscapes of infinite beauty and variety to create handwoven natural fiber shades and other products of incomparable design and craftsmanship.

There is no comparison with a CONRAD original. The meticulous detailing and hours of handwork in the art can only be seen in the extraordinary beauty of the finished product.

A small inscribed plaque on each of our shades identifies it as a handcrafted CONRAD—the Original.

To see a full selection of our drapery visit our On-Site Workroom or Contact Us.

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