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We love what we do… Custom Motorized Shades and Drapery with the beautiful fabrics right here in our own Westlake Village.  We custom design, assemble, install and program every shade and drapery with the most luxurious fabrics found in our showroom and on-site workroom.  We are partnered with the top recognized brands in motorized shades and drapery:  Conrad, Hartmann & Forbes, Hunter Douglas, Graber.

To see a full selection of our drapery visit our On-Site Workroom or Contact Us.


Our smooth-operating Motorized Drapery in action.

Along with our beautiful fabrics located in our showroom we have high-end, design fabrics:  Zoffany, Scalamandre, Lee Jofa, Thibault, Threads, Stroheim, S. Harris, Kravet  Couture, Robert Allen, Tommy Bahama, Schumacher, Eden Hall, Beacon Hill, Highland Court, Ralph Lauren, Jim Thompson, Fabricut, Duralee, RM Coco, Maxwell and much more!

Motorized Shades and Drapery are a simple way to cut down on the energy used to heat and cool a home. The convenience of being able to press a button and have all your shades or drapery close or open to cut down on solar gain or welcome in the warmth of the sun makes it more likely you’ll do it on a regular basis and thereby use less energy, keeping your home comfortable as beautiful.

With the advent of the smart home, however, motorized shades or drapery can be programmed to automatically adjust themselves even when you’re not there. Set the south-facing window coverings to open and close based on time of day, and you won’t even have to think about it. Plus, by having all your shades or drapery shut at sunset, you don’t have to worry about the day’s heat escaping through the exposed glass.

Connect your motorized shades or drapery to a smart thermostat and the thermostat can actually tell them when to open and close based on the ambient temperature of the room and the weather outside.  That way, it won’t need to turn your HVAC on, and the shades or drapery can do some of the hard work without burning unnecessary energy.


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